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Pascal specialises in Roue Cyr (also called simple wheel), which is a contemporary acrobatics discipline where he spins and rolls in a simple, body-sized metal wheel. With a high skill level and great stage presence, his acts mesmerize and carry the audience into a different world.


Circus Skills

Major specialisation Roue Cyr

Minor specialisations juggling. Walking cane and balls (variety of patterns using 1 to 3 balls plus a walking cane

Balls (up to 5 balls solidly, huge variety of 3 ball patterns, acts accurately choreographed to music

Club passing (up to 8 club 2-count solidly, various 6 and 7 club patterns)

Adagio (comedy partner acrobatics)

Additional skills Slack rope, advanced basic skills, walking back and forth, turning, sitting, lying/kneeling down and getting up, juggling on the rope.

Stilt walking

Basic skills in a range of other circus areas (Handstands, tumbling, tight wire,

Globe, solo club and ring juggling, Diablo, vertical aerials)

Basics in acting, clowning and character work.


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