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Benjamin Lycan is a neo-illusionist who is in constant evolution.
"With several cords to his bow, Benjamin will take you into his magnificent world with million and one sides to discover ..."
"This original artist doesn't leave anything to chance and wraps all of his tricks in a surprising staged theme ..."
" Benjamin Lycan questions the laws and principals of the spirits in his show through mentalism tricks, evasion and other unique tricks never before seen..."

An interactive magic show in which Benjamin Lycan takes you into an imaginary world.
Everything around him transforms into a stage accessory in a magnificent and surprising round of tricks. The show continues with magic effects that become more and more spectacular. With a personal approach and a storyline to follow, big-illusions like you've never seen before.
An inviting show that will take your breath away and combining authenticity, rhythm, poetry and enchantment ....

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